Downsizing Tips

Dear Julien, I am helping my parents downsize their home.  My parent’s home is quite large and unnecessary at this stage in their lives. The home is dated and the budget is very small to spruce it up for resale. What would you suggest to help make the home seem livelier to help us get top dollar?


Smart home, smart investment?

smart home smart investment

Dear Renovating Realtor, I am a bit of a techie and I am considering taking the plunge into home automation, any recommendations and does this add value to my home? 


A Winter Ready Home

Dear Julien, my husband and I finally took the plunge and bought our first home in Aurora this past summer. We are both not mechanically inclined whatsoever and do not know what to do to get our home ready for the winter, are there things we need to do?


Big Tuna Official Sponsor official sponsor of gearhead country radio

Dear Julien: I was at Boots and Hearts in August and I heard you are becoming an official sponsor for Gearhead Country Radio? Is this a new venture for Big Tuna Realty? Why would a Real Estate agent sponsor a music station?


More Sale Signs in Aurora?

Dear Renovating Realtor: I have a two part question for you. I live in Aurora and I am seeing a lot more for sale signs in various neighbourhoods around town, are there neighbourhoods in Aurora that are selling better than others?


ROI Home Improvements

Dear Big Tuna- My husband and I recently came into a bit of money, not a lot, but enough that we would like to make some home improvements. We are long time residents of Aurora and are also considering downsizing in a couple of years. What do you recommend?