cleaning house

Going Above And Beyond!

When you are listing your home for sale, sometimes going above and beyond can really pay off. For example, I was viewing a home in the community of Stonehaven in Newmarket, ON. The homes in this neighbourhood tend to always be priced over 1 million dollars. Saying that sometimes I am not too impressed with what I see considering the AVG home price. However, yesterday I viewed a home that was very well taken care of and what shocked me the most is how clean the closets were. They really went above and beyond!

organized closet
A clean and tidy closet goes a long way!

Usually, other than the master closet, closets are jammed full of clutter that was taken off the tables and counters etc., and the kid’s rooms are normally a disaster. Nonetheless, in this home, ALL the closets were neat and tidy and that is a rare site for a home that is currently being lived in. The photo in the post is of one of the children’s rooms :-O

I was Impressed!

I was impressed and I know the effort of the seller will not go unnoticed with potential buyers…..

So the take away here, when you are preparing your home for resale, going a bit above and beyond to make your house look neat and tidy will go a very long way!


If you’re curious and want to see this home in person, click the button bellow and let’s connect! The house is a 4 bedroom stunner.