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Dear Julien: I was at Boots and Hearts in August and I heard you are becoming an official sponsor for Gearhead Country Radio? Is this a new venture for Big Tuna Realty? Why would a Real Estate agent sponsor a music station?
-Sincerely, Curious Country Listener

Hello Curious Country Listener! Yes you are correct, Big Tuna Realty is becoming an official sponsor of Gearhead Country Radio is a local Canadian Country music station broadcast from our own backyard in York Region. Big Tuna Realty is partnering with Gearhead to promote local business and local events happening in your community.

Why a radio station? Music is an important part of home sales and renovation, how is that you ask? As a renovating realtor, I spend a lot of time listening to music when I am working to help motivate me on those tough jobs. When I show a home I always have music playing in the background to create a more inviting environment- yes that is a tip from the Renovating Realtor! If you are showing your home and want to make it more appealing to a prospective buyer consider music playing throughout the home. I love Country music, but often classical music or jazz in the background has a calming effect.

I always support Canadian artists, especially local talent, when I use music to create ambiance in my listings; this is how I came to love Gearhead Country Radio. I encourage all sellers to create a playlist of their favourite songs to cultivate a “vibe” for the home, be sure to run it by your agent before you plug and play, as you do not want to turn off a prospective buyer!

So now you know the connection and my passion for local radio. I encourage all my readers to log on to Facebook @bigtunarealty on Friday, September 14th . We will be with and you can watch our live announcement and you might even see a few shots and videos of the The Road Hammers!