Downsizing Tips

Dear Julien, I am helping my parents downsize their home.  My parent’s home is quite large and unnecessary at this stage in their lives. The home is dated and the budget is very small to spruce it up for resale. What would you suggest to help make the home seem livelier to help us get top dollar?  Sincerely, Alex

Hi Alex!  Great question. Downsizing a home can be a tough task and there are a lot of memories to deal with, which can sometimes hinder the efforts to clean out and move forward. The good news is that there are a lot of things you can do that do not cost anything but time.

Reducing clutter in the home can make a huge difference.  I suggest to my clients to remove old and dated home décor and furniture. Large pieces of furniture, items on the counters and art on the walls can make the home seem smaller than it truly is. Your goal should be to reduce as many visual distractions as you can, as you want the prospective buyer to see the home and not focus on the vintage. 

A big clean up, even the places you cannot see such as behind the fridge, windows sills etc., is a must. A clean and tidy home goes a very long way. After you have cleaned all the windows and window coverings open everything to let in the natural light

Finally, after all that tidying up and you still think the home lacks a bit of pizzazz, I tell my clients to employ the tactic of cheap and cheerful!  Some very cost effective upgrades include hiring a landscaper to tidy up the grounds and power wash the driveway and siding. Consider changing all the light bulbs in the home to LED bulbs to help brighten up rooms, hallways and closets. If you have chips, dents or nail holes in the walls it is very easy to fill those holes and touch them up with paint to make the walls look as good as new.

Alex, getting a home ready for resale is a lot of work regardless of what stage of life you are in. If you know this is in your future, get ahead of it by keeping things clean, tidy and simplify décor and furniture. Best of luck and do not forget to call Big Tuna if you need help!