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I’ve been renovating houses for quite a few years now. And I don’t mean that I hire someone to do it; I mean I use my own two good hands. So, if you’ve got a reno question, issue, headache or concern, chances are I’ve had it too and have the solution. And I’m here to help, just ask! Oh, and by the way, I don’t use this to generate “leads”: it’s just straight-up advice. If you want my help with a real estate transaction, you’ll let me know.



In a real bind and can’t wait for those pokey satellites to route an email? Give me a ring at 416-402-5530. Just keep in mind that, occasionally, I do need some sleep!

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    Go On Tour With Julien
    Get the complete low-down on your next community by going on tour with Julien. He’s been around these parts a good long time and knows all the facts, the fictions and even some of the gossip. Run, walk, or sit–inside or out. Bring your animal–or spouse–of choice. Talk about anything. Even real estate.



    Go On Tour With Julien

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      Find The Perfect Home
      Building Community, One Home At a Time
      February 2024

      The Great Aurora Makeover: Julien Laurion’s Quest to Turn “Meh” into “Wow!

      Before and after transformation of a home in Aurora, Ontario, showing a neglected house revitalized into a modern, inviting residence by Julien Laurion.Step into the world of Julien Laurion, Aurora’s own home makeover wizard, where every renovation tells a story of transformation and possibility. Discover how an ordinary house can become the talk of the town under Julien’s expert touch, turning dreams into reality one makeover at a time.
      January 2024

      Aurora’s Real Estate in 2024: A Friendly Guide to Navigating the Market

      An illustration of Aurora, Ontario in 2024, with the Toronto skyline in the distance. In the foreground, Aurora's landmarks like the Cultural Centre and Town Park are visible. The town showcases a mix of modern and traditional homes with people engaging in various activities, highlighting a vibrant community life. The distant Toronto skyline adds a metropolitan contrast to Aurora's charming local sceneryHello there, fellow Aurora residents and prospective homebuyers! Today, we’re diving into the latest trends in our charming town’s real estate market. With a latte in hand and a smile, let’s unravel the numbers and see what they mean for us. As of early 2024, Aurora’s housing scene presents a fascinating picture. The average price… View Article